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May 15, 2013
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Panzer Project - Baldur (Pacific Rim Inspired) by emersontung Panzer Project - Baldur (Pacific Rim Inspired) by emersontung
Recently did a bunch of robot and monster concepts inspired by Pacific Rim. If you can't tell I'm pretty excited about the movie. This would be the protagonist unit, with revolver powered explosive punches. MORE to come soon!

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ILikeCommas Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Revolver punches FTW!
Do you have any specifications for this? Like height or weight? It looks huge, sick job man.
Usually I would say this is just your regular, everyday, solid mech design. But then I noticed revolver powered exposive punches and I just laughed at how crazy and awesome the idea is. Really great!
"Baldur" suggests representing a country in Europe, no?
Panzer Project
a spiritual successor to the Jaeger Program
A new threat on Earth and her Colonies
Most attacks are on earth, and as such, drawing on the success of a past program, the Panzers were born. Not to hunt down, like the Jaegers, but to protect, a proverbial suit of armor for the defense of Earth against a new wave of Kaiju.
emersontung Aug 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for writing up the specs and bios for the panzers, dude. I really appreciate it. You've got most of the details spot on. 
Oh, 'twas my pleasure. You got the badass art. I'm just a huge nerd when it comes to that kinda stuff.
emersontung Sep 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
If you didn't catch it, I would like to point out "Not to hunt down, like the Jaegers" and "but to protect, like a proverbial metaphorical suit of armor" were both stealth puns. Jager means hunter and Panzer means armor :P
Panzer Project Designation "BALDUR"
Mark 3 Panzer Unit
Height: 295'
Weight: 2,335 tons
Baldur possesses median armour and a dedicated close-quarters fighting style. Armed with explosive cartridges in revolver chambers located in his forearms, a standard punch from Baldur won't be anything special, but firing one of the chambers will launch its fist forward on a hydraulic/springloaded system, greatly adding to the impact potential, shaking the very earth when it lands on an enemy, shattering even the extremely dense skull of the average Kaiju. The chambers each hold eight cartridges, granting Baldur the capability to land sixteen face shattering sucker punches. Of course, given that Baldur can't rightly reload while deployed, these Revolver Punches are reserved to end a fight, and the mighty barrage will leave most enemies faceless. However, exceptionally tough foes will only be pissed off, at which point Baldur must flee and let its fellow Panzer unit tag in.
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